Thursday, October 06, 2005

Brown is in.

Sherrod Brown announced on the GrowOhio Site that he will run for the Democratic nomination to take on Mike DeWine. A somewhat incoherent blog of unclear provenance is up as well.

The big speculation now is who will run for Sherrod's seat. Speculating is hard because the nominee could well come from Lorain or Medina County (check the map), about which I know little. Nonetheless, I'll take a flier at naming some possibilities:

-Tom Sawyer, former U.S. Representative. Upside: Tom is a great speaker and born politician in the good sense. No doubt a part of him would like to be part of payback to the Reps who redistricted him out of a job. Downside: He would have to move to be in the district. He is running his wife's campaign for Clerk of Courts, which will keep him busy until November.

-Dean Holman: Medina County Prosecutor. Upside: He's been around seemingly forever. He will do well in northern Medina Co and, as a prosecutor, will have cred with Independents and moderates. Downside: Not the greatest speaker. Not sure he would be interested.

-Tom Bevan: Private practice attorney, brother of prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh. Upside: Ran a credible campaign against entrenched State Senator Kevin Coughlin. May be hungry for more. Downside: Ran in a bruising race against Coughlin. May have lost the taste for it.

One Medina, two Summits. If anyone has a line on a Lorain Dem, drop it in a comment


scott bakalar said...

There actually are NO Lorain County Democrats that jump to mind.

Seriously...No one...and I'm tryin' real hard to come up with something here....

and that is frightening.