Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The latest on some stories I have blogged about.

Ida Wells Community School says that it will close for good tomorrow. It is one more charter school to close because of financial mismanagement. The number of Ohio charter schools that have closed due to academic underperformance remains at . . . zero. See previous Ida Wells stories here.

Myisha Ferrell has pled guilty to charges arising from the murder of Jesse Davis. She will get a two year sentence, and the state will not oppose a motion for early release after a year. Most importantly, she will testify against Bobby Cutts, which probably means he is done in the guilt phase of the trial. The penalty phase, on the other hand, will be very interesting indeed.

Utah's first-in-the-nation universal voucher program is up for a public referendum this election day. We'll keep an eye on that one.