Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Bush's Fault I Have to Listen to Troothers.

Loved this from Kevin Cleary on The Quick and the Ed:

    This just shows one of the unfortunate side effects of the Bush Administration--over the last two or three years, a whole lot of intellectually lazy and half-paranoid conspiracy theories about things like warmongering and destruction of civil liberties and what have you turned out to be more or less true. Which gives credence to other facile theories that aren't true. I realize this isn't nearly as problematic as the actual foreign policy fiascos, assaults on the Constitution, etc., but it still makes my life difficult.
The subject is a new push for standardized proficiency testing to evaluate and "reform" higher education. The idea itself is, I think, a dozen kinds of silly. Among other things, we should first get the testing/reform thing down in K-12 which we clearly haven't yet. Still, there is no shortage of paranoid raving about the plan. In addition to the conversation Cleary cites, check out this on Schools Matter.

And of course Cleary's rant can be applied to Troothers and, yes, Stolen Election Guy. Every time a voting machine goes screwy, certain factions cut immediately to a scene of Republican operatives manipulating code in a hundred thousand precincts from an undisclosed location. Thankfully, cooler heads occasionally prevail, like this piece from Cindy on AOG which notes a problem, proposes a solution and calls for vigilance.

I'm all about vigilance. But just because they are out to get you doesn't mean it's OK to be paranoid.


Dave Hickman said...

Thank you for mentioning Cindy's blog post entitled:

"More Votes Flipped On Ohio Voting Machines"

Maybe you and I can be best buddies after all! Well, even if we can't be that for each other, we can at least start forming an agreement that Bryan Clark's misadventure against election reformers has been misguided.

IMO, big boi bryan is likely influenced by some sort of ulterior motives that I'm not privy to enough information to completely define.

I can't read big boi bryan's mind.

But, I don't want to know EVERYTHING that goes on in that manipulator's mind! Logical analysis would lead most intelligent people to believe that big boi bryan is tied to money rich moderate DLC people who fill big boi bryan's re:organize company coffers with cash

This is the more likely reason big boi bryan is so quick to downgrade the left wing of the Dem Party in attempts to marginalize progressive activists as the "loony left."

Many of big boi bryan's statements against progressive activists sound like they came straight out of Karl Rove's playbook.

This is why I view big boi bryan as a misguided and frankly a very scary individual. It is not because I am anti-Democratic Party ideology. On the contrary, I'm all for the party living-up to the ideals and rhetoric instead of actually being DINO's in the true sense of the acronym (Democrats In Name Only).

I'm with you regarding "Troother" nutcase people who invade progressive activist activities such as peace demonstrations and election reform/protection events.

I'm for "investigations" regarding events surrounding 9-11, but I don't support bull-horn blasting screaming meemie upstart actibvists who effectively yell over good-intentioned messages of long-time peace activists.

Also, their HUGE "9-11 was an inside job" signs dominate and takeover the visual message that experienced peace rally organizers are trying to communicate.

Finally, I don't support piggybacking tactics that 9-11 "Troother" organizers utilize to skim a few literally crazy (or senseless) dreg-like followers to switch causes by joining their cult-like psuedo-progressive organization.

The actual intents of 9-11 "Troothers" are not being fully disclosed up-front. They show-up at activities and events unannounced and proceed to create distraction and chaos within the progressive community of people.

Troothers refuse to allow synthesis to occur. Instead they demand blind loyalty to their cause and tactics while they attack anyone who challenges any one of their so-called "leaders." This is the definition of a "cult"... and that is what the so-called "Troother" movement is REALLY about.