Monday, November 19, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Doesn't Know the Name of His Party

From the New Republic blog The Plank:

    Dennis Kucinich, the candidate we all might love if only he didn't happen to be loony, demonstrates with a press release that showed up in my inbox this morning entitled:


    * * *

    As the Washington Post has put it, "The missing '-ic' has a long legacy. Dick Armey was fond of saying 'Democrat Party.' Commie-hunting Sen. Joseph McCarthy even used the phrase half a century ago." Dennis, I know you feel aggrieved these days, but ... Dick Armey and Joe McCarthy! You really want to go there?

The "it," by the way, is his impeachment resolution which bears the distinction of being the least sucky/least crazy idea The Koosh has had in the past 18 months or so. Still, beating up ones own party with a favorite winger dig is a bit much even for Dennis.

But if you are still not convinced that he is more interested in being a Party of One than actually accomplishing anything, by all means come primary time, pull the lever for Dennis Kucin.


Village Green said...

And yet, every time I take one of those Match Your Views With the Candidates tests, I end up with Dennis. I agree, he says and does some nutty things, but dang it all whenit comes to issues that really matter -- I do want single payer health care and I really like the idea of creating a Department of Peace. And oh yeah, bring the troops home now.

Ben said...

I totally agree......Dennis does say what he belives, but he definetly is looking out for himself before anyone else.

matt r. said...

if he looked like mit romney we wouldn't be ripping on him as much.