Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Internet Usage up to 80%

According to a new Harris poll:

    The survey, which polled 2,062 adults in July and October, found that 79 percent of adults -- about 178 million -- go online, spending an average 11 hours a week on the Internet.

    "We're up to almost 80 of adults who now are online, or are somehow gaining access to the Internet. That's a pretty impressive figure," said Regina Corso, director of the Harris Poll.

    The results reflect a steady rise since 2000, when 57 percent of adults polled said they went online. In 2006, the number was 77 percent.
The page on Harris Interactive includes plenty of additional data, including this tidbit -- 97 percent of those who use computers are now internet users as well, also an all-time high.