Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sylvester Small Retiring?! UPDATED

Akron Public Schools announced a press conference Monday during which "board members and Superintendent Sylvester Small will 'discuss the future direction' of the district. According to the ABJ story, people have been speculating when Small, who is 60, would retire.

Interesting. Dr. Small is not a figure of imposing leadership, but he has presided over Akron rising to become the premier urban district in the state. He has benefited from a number of other people and institutions
stepping in to help, but he has also effectively managed what could have been chaos. While dumping on him is a popular sport among trolls, the district's record during his tenure has been impressive.

Don't like Dr. Small? Scoreboard.

All of which is to say that if the district is looking at a superintendent search, a great deal rides on it. The district should offer attractive opportunity for qualified candidate. But with two new members on the Board of Ed and no small level of political disagreement among members, a change at the top is probably not precisely what the district needs.

UPDATE: Eric Mansfield ran down sources and has the exclusive -- Dr. Small is definitely retiring. Serves me write for failing to check Eric's blog.