Thursday, August 09, 2007

ODP Makes a Great Choice

The Ohio Democratic Party has created a new Director of Women's Outreach and their first hire for the position is a friend of the Pages -- Megan Pappada. I met Megan when she toiled as Judy Hanna's campaign manager. She brought me together for a meeting with Judy about school funding, then she was at the events I covered for the blog and ultimately we did a little combined strategery when I was working on Tom Sawyer's campaign.

Megan is a solid choice. She's smart, energetic and almost pathologically well organized. I saw lots of people work their hands raw last fall, but none worked harder than Megan.

And she was working in, let's say it out loud now, a near-hopeless situation. Judy had few resources and was too liberal for the 27th, especially going against a politically skilled incumbent like Kevin Coughlin. I maintain my position that Judy's unusually threatening campaign pinned resourced down here and helped Democrats elsewhere get elected. Somehow, she was the pawn that pinned down the queen. She was the third stringer who drew a double team. Much of that strength came from Megan's work on the campaign.

It was a hard loss for Megan in her first campaign. It's good to see good work rewarded, and it's good to know the party has hired someone high quality for an important post.

Surf on over to the ODP blog post about Megan and you can hear a podcast interview with her.


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