Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Local Report Cards Out Today

Today the Ohio Department of Education releases the Local Report Cards for each public school district and building. The districts compile the information, send it to ODE who then uses their various criteria to comes with ratings. Columbus and Cleveland have put stories out about their results because they were sufficiently confident that their data would raise them to Continuous Improvement.

Some more districts discussed their data in a preview story in the ABJ over the weekend which also includes good information about NCLB sanctions. Today's PD runs a nose-in-the-middle-of-your-face story about how the ratings put pressure on schools to perform. Finally, yesterday's Dispatch used the impending report cards as a hook to report the heretofore little noticed plans to change to the "growth model" in Ohio next year (though we are apparently using the annoying term "value added," describing out children in the same terms as a ton of bauxite.)

The ratings are scheduled to appear on the ODE website some time after the 10:30 embargo lifts.


Jill said...

They were up as of at least 15 mins ago - 10am - I already downloaded a couple.

Anonymous said...

I see our school earned its fifth score of Excellence in a row. Do you think that remarkable achievement might be enough for the School Board to give us a pass on mandatory school uniforms?

Going Anon on this issue for obvious reasons!

Anonymous said...

The teachers of Akron are very happy tonight. Very. I've never seen so many people at a union meeting. It was huge. So was the outcome. I can tell you that APS will now be offering the 4th highest pay scale in the county. Hooray!