Monday, August 13, 2007

Around the Horn

Again, everything has changed. I don't remember this sort of flux last August, but every time I look around something new or different is popping up in the Ohiosphere.
  • First, a news item. The papers have been reporting that Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's office is looking into possible election law violations by All Children Matter, a pro-education privatization PAC. As far as anyone can tell, ProgressOhio broke the story (which is to say, did the research on what All Children Matter was about.) Other bloggers have picked up the story, including Clark Street who has done some additional digging.
  • Ed Esposito, the News Director for WAKR and Editor of the Akron News Now site has gone the Eric Mansfield route and set up his blog on Blogger. Esposito's blog, Letters from the Editor, has been on the ANN site for a few weeks now. A note on the sidebar of the new Blogger site suggests that the Blogger version of LFTE may have more content than the ANN version. If nothing else, it has a feed that works. Esposito's blog, like Mansfield's shows how journalists can add to their traditional work product by blogging about the craft of journalism instead of just writing news copy in the form of blog posts. Would that the ABJ had picked up on that.
  • Congratulations are in order for a couple of area blogs. The Chief Source, home to an enviable community of commenters, has logged over 7000 comments in the first seven months of the year. And The Boring Made Dull can proudly look back on 1500 posts worth of tedium. Seriously, Chief Source and BMD are both quality blogs run by quality people. Congrats to both.
  • Speaking of BMD, Mr. Boring is one of my favorite sources for global warming skepticism. As far as I can tell, it goes like this. Somewhere in the scientific community someone will publish something that is part of refining the understanding of climate change, but that skeptics point to and say "Aha!" The skeptic community bats it around a bit, until it crosses BMD's radar and he posts. Then I do a Google search, or check out Real Climate (the best source for solid science on the topic, IMO) or in a case like this, just pull up a SciAm article I've already read. So far, the system has worked flawlessly.
  • For example, this on BMD is answered by this on Real Climate. When you read the RC pieces, it's not hard to imagine the eye rolling, the forehead slapping, the "No no no, that's not what it means at all."
  • And for which reason I've added Real Climate to the Misc Favorites section of the blogroll.
  • And speaking of additions to the blogroll. Amy, wife of Dave of Radio Free Newport, and who has just moved here from Cincinnati, has set up her own blog, Accidental Akronite. She is a writer by trade, but will be blogging mostly about exploring our little corner of heaven. That, by the way, is pretty much the mode of Canton Review who has continued posting quality work and has added me to her roll. I've added both to the Placebloggers list.
  • Congratulations to Jerid at Buckeye State for a job well done with the New Hampshire Project.
  • And finally, don't forget to submit posts to the Carnival of Ohio Politics by tomorrow evening.


Boring Made Dull said...

Ha! Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Ooops, sorrry, wrong thread.

Actually, I believe that most of my stuff on global warming has been the soul of moderation.

and Hell's Bells, a man can belive what he likes.

I'm willing to consider the case for anthropogenic warming, but find that the fear mongering, hypocrisy, glorification of state solutions, rent seeking, and lack of cost / benefit analysis on the part of the alarmists as items that point to a molehill being made into a mountain.

Technically, these do not logically invalidate their position, but from a practical point of view, they're pretty damning.

Boring Made Dull said...

But hey, it's nice to be a reliable barometer of something.