Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Alex v. Kevin

The Arshinkoff and Coughlin forces are hitting the mattresses in their struggle for leadership of the Summit County Republican Party. And more importantly, the internet. The anti-Alex Arshinkoff (also known as A2) forces have a sweet website up -- NewSummitRepublicansdotcom. The Coughlin letter is now the text of "Time for a Change" (without direct attribution.) The list of the supposed A2 losing streak is there as is a page of "Clips that Make the Case" and

What doesn't appear is a list of supporters. Anywhere. The only name that appears is Coughlin. And by the way, he has graciously donated space in his election office to the effort. Let's think about that. He's a term-limited State Senator who had election space -- not by any means universal in statehouse races -- and kept it. We have Exhibit #952834230 that Coughlin is running for something statewide in '10.

So for now, it's the Kevin Coughlin movement. As the movement goes forward, it will be interesting to see what level of public support he gets.

Meanwhile, the pro-A2 forces have apparently scrambled to catch up on line. Either they didn't see this coming or they didn't anticipate theneed for taking the fight online. But thanks to the folks at blogger everyone can mount a website in the five minutes it takes to set up the account. So we have KeepSummitRepublicansStrong dot blogspot. Again, no one's name is named.

I can't help but wonder about that. Two denizens of the Republicans' Mount Olympus are hurling thunderbolts at each other and the rest of the republic is running and hiding. One way this could play out: we'll know who's winning by who starts getting name supporters. Of course another possibility -- the anti site has a list of all the Republican office holders. If Alex is Alex, he's going to start calling his friends on that list and telling them to get their names taken off. If people start disappearing off the list, it's safe to call that first blood.


Steve said...

I expect Alex to hold a press conference soon, surrounded by glassy-eyed drugged up officeholders with electroshock pads wired up to their testicles.

If you're Coughlin's team, you keep Alex guessing. Why lay out the names until they have to?

I'd strategically release the names of higher profile republicans to show that the movement is growing all the time, rather than putting a list out at one time. Don't be suprised if people who are "loyal to Alex" now end up being announced a converts.

Anonymous said...

'Crash and Burn' Lil' Kevy Coughlin, the only person who can unite liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans to a common cause.....his demise.

Anonymous said...

The list of Coughlin's supporters is like the Bigfoot analogy he unsuccessfully used in his lame attempt to mock Governor Ted Strickland!

Anonymous said...

Coughlin's campaign theme in 2010 will be:

"Vote for Kevin Coughlin"
"The only candidate hated by Everybody!"

Village Green said...

Your link to the anti-Alex site isn't working, but will if you type in newsummitrepublicans.com. How inspiring is that image of Abe Lincoln! If only the Republicans of today were more like Abe. Love the elephant photo on your post!

Tiranna said...

I am constantly amazed at how amateur and immature Alex operation and his operatives are. This is like middle school playground taunting.

I hope it gives people a look at how he operates and how unfit he is to lead anything.

Log Cabin said...

I am not going to stand for Alex's hypocracy. Nor will I stand for higher taxes. F--- Alex. Go Kevin!