Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Carnival and Some Other Stuff

. . . and we're back. Apparently Google suffered a server crash this morning, rendering the Pages inaccessible. TIA to everyone who keeps trying and eventually finds their way back.

This year Merriam-Webster officially added "ginormous" to the lexicon. Though generally I don't favor adding fad words and usages, this was a happy day for me as I've taken a shine "ginormous." It bears mentioning now due to this week's GINORMOUS Carnival of Politics. Thanks to Jill for putting in time-and-a-half to post it, to everyone who contributed, and to first-timers Cee Jay, TBMD and Tim Ferris.

And kids, don't forget to post a link. Link love is how we get happy Technorati results and spread the Carnival love even farther.

Finally, you may have noted a certain lag in posting timeliness. A bit of a hitch in my gitalong. A couple things are causing that. First, it's orientation week at the law school, which means Prof. W is turning in 12 hour days and I'm on extended daddy duty. Second, I've taken on something new -- I'll beteaching a course at the U as an adjunct. This is a fairly new development and I've been scrambling to assemble a syllabus and prep the first couple of classes, along with the usual glorious chaos here at the House of Pho. The upshot is that posting will continue to be spotty at least through next week. I'll do my best to keep something interesting on the front page and thank you for your patience.


Boring Made Dull said...

Congratulations, or Condolences, on the adjunct gig.

I did a two year stint down at Walsh College (waaaayyy back when)teaching 1st year economics.

It was unbelievebly more difficult than expected. On a per hour basis, i'd have done better as the fry guy at McDonald's.

But I can certainly see the attraction when you are not trying to work a full time job at the same time (not to discount the Dad role - you'll be able to prep time and grading, etc., at home with the kids around).

There was also something extremely gratifiying about being paid to talk, eve if paid poorly.