Thursday, August 03, 2006

Programming Notes

You may have wondered about that last post. Vacation continues so posts will mostly wear a suntan and reek of bug spray, but I have a few lingering bits, not all that time sensitive. That was one of them -- started in Ohio but not finished 'til now. A few others may follow.

Meanwhile, I'm quite unhappy with that post. Partly it's because the thing is a mess, partly it's because even though you were warned that things would go up completely out of touch with any sort of news cycle, I really should have reset why I was blogging about something a week and a half late. But mostly it's because I had thought of a great way to set the tableau of a blogger meet, but didn't write it down, then forgot it when it came to writing and knew I had forgotten something, but still couldn't remember it, then remembered it today. Instead of saving it for some other time that it may work, consider the following an addendum to that post:

    Someday -- perhaps someday soon -- someone will set a movie in a community of bloggers. If they are doing it right, the vibe will be much like the Con scenes in the movie Chasing Amy, where comic book writers meet with lines like "Yeah, I've read your book. You do mostly chick stuff . . ."

    That's what it's like. You read someone's blog for a while, get how that person is using the medium, figure out what you like and inevitably compose a mental picture. Then you meet and sometimes the picture is pretty much on (Jeff Hess, perfect example) sometimes completely off (PeppermintLisa -- my mental image went straight back to rewrite.)

    And most importantly, you start a new layer of relationship with bloggers who you've known by posts, comments and emails to that point.
That's what I wanted to say.


Anonymous said...

You may be called many things in this Chasing Amy style world gone mad...

"a liar, a fibber" (very idiot for lincolnlogesque)
"non-transparent" (rightangle blog)
or even
"uncontrolably outspoken" (the hypocrites at "stop the ACLU")

but you will never be a tracer

*snoochie boochies*

peppermintlisa said...

i'm so intrigued as to what your mental image of me was before you met me.
bimbo? loudmouth? total hippie chick?

grandpaboy said...

Nice parallel - makes me all the more disappointed I missed Blogapolooza.