Monday, August 21, 2006

It’s Official! Craig Foltin Is a Sleaze!

The penultimate in campaign sleaze is to send a staffer off on a dodgy errand and stand by as he falls on his sword. Everyone knows that the campaign was behind the dirty trick, but that they leave the hapless staffer twisting to preserve the candidate’s deniability.

Atop the sleaze scale, Craig Foltin has declined to fire the staffer who attempted to burrow into Betty Sutton’s campaign, leaving no doubt that the campaign was attempting to plant a mole. Scott Bakalar has tried to warn us about Foltin. He runs down the story and plus a parallel story of a city worker under indictment.

If Foltin had an issue this year, it was the abrasiveness and arguable dishonesty of the Sutton/Em-List campaign in the primary. Safe to say that’s pretty much gone. I was going to write something about Foltin sabotaging his future prospects in the Republican Party, but in the Rove era this isn't a gaffe, it's an audition.

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Yellow Dog Sammy said...


scott bakalar said...

thanks Pho -
I had no idea what I was going to post made that decision for me.

There are a few issues any self-respecting Republican could pick on Betty about - not only was this "mole" move stupid - it was unnecessary.


Henery said...

Way to call it as it is! Between you and Scott detailing Fooltin's misdeeds, I can't believe that anyone literate would actually still vote for Foltin.

Nice job.