Thursday, August 24, 2006

On Becation

When my desk looks like this:

. . .it's a pretty good sign that I'm trying to do too much. So, as my four-year-old says, I'm "On Becation." I'm taking a week off to catch up on various things around the house and in my personal business, smooth out the transition as the kids start school and gird myself for the coming campaign season insanity. It's not easy because the past week has seen some spirited discussions in comments (sorry I haven't had time to weigh in) and traffic has been humming. But when I was away for a week earlier this month things rebounded nicely on my return. In any event, I've decided mental health is more important than internet traffic. That may seem like an obvious choice to you, but here at the House of Pho, mental health is often considered an indulgence.

See you all in a week.


Jill said...

Totally hearing you. Good luck.

Village Green said...

While you've been gone, the Beacon has been busy preparing to cut arts coverage. What I know can be read here:

leonard glenn crist said...

thought you might be interested in this article i've written about Wal-Mart in the Youngstown area.

scott bakalar said...

great last line, Pho.
good luck with all that.
When you get back - a favor:

do you have an RSS or atom feed url?

I'm getting either real busy or real lazy over here.

jon said...

Your week is up, Pho.

What's this I hear about a Chipotle and a Starbucks in the new Albrecht mall going up with the new Highland Square public library?

Some kind of plan to take out Two Amigos & Angel Falls, buy their property, and make room for parking lots?