Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Politics Datebook [WITH CORRECTION]: Sawyer Announcement, Phillips MTB and more.

Just Christmas season now begins before the day after Thanksgiving, increasingly the political season is starting before Labor day, its supposed unofficial beginning.

Tom Sawyer State School Board Announcement.

Sawyer will turn in his petitions and formally announce his candidacy at the Old Stone School on Broadway Wednesday, August 22 at 10:30 a.m. I’ll try to be there for a report. I’ve been told that the response to the signature campaign has been overwhelming – over a thousand signatures in only a few weeks’ time.

Debbie Phillips MTB

I’ve talked about Debbie before. She’s a friend and – full disclosure – the Executive Director of Ohio Fair Schools Campaign for which I am a contract Field Organizer. She is currently on leave from OFSC while running for the Ohio House in the 92nd District. Debbie will be in Cleveland for a fundraising and will stop in for a Meet.the.Bloggers session, starting at 4:00 at Talkies Suite 105 of the Tower Press Building. Details on Upcoming. Catch up with Debbie at her campaign site, or this extensive report from YellowDogSammy.

Judy Hanna Night with the Aeros.

Judy Hanna is running against Kevin Coughlin in the 27th Senate District. From the campaign:

    Support Judy Hanna & the Akron Aeros on Friday August 25th at 6pm. Enjoy an evening of fun & fireworks at Canal Park for only $7. Please join us as Judy Hanna throws out the first pitch of the game!

    The Aeros are taking on the Trenton Thunder in the last home stand of the season.
    Show your support for Judy in the 27th Senate District Race by wearing a Judy Hanna t-shirt. We will be arriving early to hand out literature at the gates to welcome all of the fans!


redhorse said...

just a quick correction, Pho. B/c the Tower Press suite is open when MTB needs space quickly, the Debbie Phillips MTB will be in Suite 105 of the Tower Press Building.

Anonymous said...

Yo...announcement on Beacon layoffs was indeed made today. 25 percent of the newsroom cut. Gone -- after 60-days -- will be some well known bylines, parents that are sole breadwinners in their households, single moms, folks who uprooted their families to come work at the once heralded place. Cuts include 11 reporters, 8 copy editors, 7 student correspondents (students at local colleges who do a terrific job -- sort of like longterm internships), 4 photogs, 3 clerks, 2 artists and 1 librarian. These are the Guild -- union jobs. In addition, three managers were cut. See more on the retirees' blog --- Google Akron Beacon retirees blog -- that should get you there. Cuts expected to save $2.3 million a year -- that is indeed in the newsroom alone, according to folks on the inside.

Dave Kovacs said...

I wonder if anyone will ask Sawyer why he encouraged me to run and expressed support for my campaign when I told him I was running for the same office he is--- 6 months before he decided to seek the office!