Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beacon Watch

Two sources (each of whom are outside, but with multiple sources of their own) say zero hour will be sometime today.


Anonymous said...

Yo...announcement on layoffs was indeed made today. 25 percent of the newsroom cut. Gone -- after 60-days -- will be some well known bylines, parents that are sole breadwinners in their households, single moms, folks who uprooted their families to come work at the once heralded place. Cuts include 11 reporters, 8 copy editors, 7 student correspondents (students at local colleges who do a terrific job -- sort of like longterm internships), 4 photogs, 3 clerks, 2 artists and 1 librarian. These are the Guild -- union jobs. In addition, three managers were cut. See more on the retirees' blog --- Google Akron Beacon retirees blog -- that should get you there. Cuts expected to save $2.3 million a year -- that is indeed in the newsroom alone, according to folks on the inside.

John Ettorre said...

You called it, Scott. You're the new go-to place for Akron news. Maybe not so new, really. We'll see what Jan Leach comes up with when she unveils her long-awaited web-only Akron journalism site. Should be not too long from now, and I'm hoping at least a handful of the newly laid-off will find at least a partial home there, under their former boss. Anyone among the Pho community with some insight on that subject care to come forward and spill the beans?