Monday, August 21, 2006

Conventional Wisdom

This week, the planners for the ’08 Republican National Convention come to Cleveland to kick the tires, check the oil, and generally see if a Cleveland Convention will run. Cleveland is apparently competing with New York City, Minneapolis and Tampa.

WCPN’s 90.3 at 9 had an interesting discussion today -- you can check out the podcast. The Plain Dealer has run a series of stories about the potential selection, and the positive effect of the ’00 convention on Philadelphia

The stories and the CPN show focused heavily on the logistics Of course, my interest is in the political dimension. Parties do pick cities for political reasons – like, say, picking the site of a major terrorist attack used to justify an unpopular war.

As such, I think Cleveland’s bid is in trouble because Blackwell is in trouble. Presumably one of the attractions to Ohio is the swinginess of the state. But if Ohio swings strongly blue this go-round, the Republicans could be setting up shop in troublesome territory. Worse than that, Ohio will come to symbolize the nadir of the W years.

Personally, I think the Republicans should embrace what they are and hold the convention in an exurban megachurch, but that’s just me.

Above all else, I’m interested what the Dems might do if Republicans convene here. Republicans famously out-maneuvered Dems at convention time, churning out scores of press releases during each speech to counter Dem talking points. Assuming there is a war room for rapid response, don’t you think the Dems would be well-served by embedding some home-grown bloggers? It seems to me this sort of thing is what we do best.

If Cleveland gets the nod, we (bloggers) should start lobbying to be included in the Dems’ plans for response.

Meanwhile, if you enjoy speculating about what will happen at the convention, the NYT runs a story today (h/t Slate Magazine) about which Republican hopeful is locking up which consultants.


NEOBuckeye said...

Personally, I think if the Republicans come to Cleveland, it will be their Waterloo.

The city and this entire region have fared very badly in economic terms under Republican "rule" from both federal and state levels. Cleveland/Northeast Ohio continues to bleed business, jobs and people. At least in NYC, the Republicans were able to spin a story of their war on terra in relation to 9/11. It's impossible to spin Cleveland as anything other than what it is: troubled.

Anonymous said...

As is often the case among bloggers with too much time on their hands, you have created your own theories and imaginary criteria.

These conventions come down to two things: convention space and hotel space. Cleveland's handicap is that hotels as far away as canton may have to be used.

Blackwell will either be gov or long gone by 2008. either way, Ohio's going to be a battleground - as will Florida and Minnesota.

Kyle said...

I would love for the Republicans to bring their convention to Cleveland because we could use the revenue, but I don't see it happening. It has been fun to listen to the local news guys on 1100am get all giddy about the possibility. I could see Minneapolis getting the nod because Minnesota will likely have Franken v. Coleman in 2008.