Monday, July 31, 2006

Blue Ohioan at Bloggapalooza.

I made an appearance at Bloggapalooza way back when. Getting away from the kids for a roady even just to C-town is always a challenge, so I wasn't there long. Because of the deluge outside, we crowded into the Town Fryer to feast on deep-fried oreos (the whole cookie liquifies) and listen to great bands.

And I worked in as many conversations as possible during the band breaks. If you aren't hip to it by now, understand that the network of bloggers loosely associated with Meet the Bloggers is a real network. We see each other at MTB interviews, but also at meetups, the odd comped ODP event, what have you. We email, we comment on each others' blogs, we occasionally call. Personally, I don't get enough time with these folks. This is a fascinating group of people I never tire of talking to.

Among the conversations was a video recorded interview with Anthony Fossaceca from Blue Ohioan. Anthony is a longtime political operative, most recently running Eric Fingerhut's gubernatorial campaign. He's assembled a blogging staff of one grassroots organizer (Susan Meara from North Olmstead), one policy wonk (Veronica Johnson) and Anthony himself blogging on party stuff. Blue Ohioan set up a makeshift video studio at the Town Fryer and interviewed pretty much everyone there who was even marginally anyone (they interviewed me, after all). Fossaceca is pictured here talking to Anastasia Pantsios from the Free Times.

I'm not entirely clear on the history of Blue Ohioan. The blog is one that existed at the time I started all this last summer and is no more. Ohio Watch, Seven Cent Nickel, An Age Like This -- all gone. Ditto Blue Ohioan.

Until now. I first learned of the "return" of the blog when he bought time on the MTB Ad NetworkFossaceca appears to be trying to bridge the worlds of the Dem insider and the guy with a gripe and a Blogger account.

Until Bloggapalooza, Blue Ohioan was annoyingly insular with no blogroll and few links to other blogs. Seeing (and participating in) the Ohio blogger interviews allayed some of my personal concerns that this was one of those Blogosphere-neutralizing gambits that touches off wearing and distracting blogstorms.

The Blue O crew has apparently done their videoblog mojo and is posting the interviews this week. I'm not up yet, but should be by week's end. And Blue Ohioan has earned a spot on my blogroll.

Speaking of the blogroll
, some folks contacted me about blogrolling and it's done. Bob Higgens runs an Ohio-based, world/national-focused blog called Worldwide Sawdust. Looking at it, I wonder how I've missed it so long. Bob is now a Phriend.

JD Amer emailed about his business and supporting blog. J.D. is an internet entrepreneur behind Lopico -- a "Social Business Directory." Basically, it's like a Wiki for business reviews. For you Akronites, J.D. is one of the West Hill Marathon Amers. At some point I may blog more heavily about Lopico. For now, J.D.'s blog is on the Akron roll.


Susan said...

It was great meeting and talking with you at bloggapalooza, Scott.

Anthony Fossaceca said...

Thanks, Scott! FYI - the blogroll is coming. Getting the videos up was the first challenge. And no worries, Pho's Akron Pages will be on it.

Anonymous said...

Checked at the BlueOhioan site this afternoon and the interview is up. Great job, Scott!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Scott. FYI, I was contacted by the local media about a story on blogs, and mentioned yours as the place they should start to find great Akron (and Ohio) blogs.

MsTeryis said...

Thanx for the shout-out :). We're still finding our way but so far, so good!

Anonymous said...
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