Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Time of the Mommydaddy

What has passed so far for productive Summer time is at an end. The kids are mine full-time until waning days of August. In addition, we are getting ready for vacation in a couple of days, meaning I have to get stuff ready and load up on work hours.

For the blog this means that the spare moments I scrape together to post here are even rarer. I'm aiming at five posts a week, but that's probably wildly optimistic. We can expect posting to be even more erratic and less tied to any semblance of a news cycle than usual. Thanks in advance for putting up with it.


Jill said...

Scott - you get no flack from me. As the Rugrats say, we gots to do what we gots to do. Today? Me? Kid #2 comes home from a week away and NO LAUNDRY. That means she's coming home with two stuffed to the gills duffle bags full of dirty clothes. Oh joy.