Sunday, July 02, 2006


In addition to the general paucity of news, I've been devoting much of my computer time to work on a few things. I've finally switched over to Firefox and, yes, it's all that. I'm now researching plugins and plan to tranfer my RSS subscriptions from the glacial My Yahoo pages I've been using. Any Firefox devotees who have strong feelings about one RSS reader plugin or another are welcome to share.

I've also done another round of sidebar updates. I've added an Upcoming bar with the meetings, events and whatnot that I try to promote in posts.

I've also done another round of updating the blogroll. To the Ohio Prog roll I've added Blogesque, Liberal Common Sense, Roldo, Onward and The Religious Left. I found a few new area blogs for the Akron Area roll: Dave's Blog about environmental issues, Chief Source correspondent Terra Milo's side blog, and a second blog by That Chick of "Dude, WTF?" fame. William Green has shut down The Green Report, but since he's also the William behind WillBlog, I've just substituted one link for another.

Jim Eastman at Wine and Politics has me on his Roll, so he's added to the Phriends.

I've updated the candidate lists with all the statewide Dems, plus Lew Katz and Tim Ryan. Also Stephanie Studebaker gets a link because she rolls the Pages. The Sherrod Brown link formerly linked to a now-dormant unofficial blog. Now it goes to the official one. Generally a link goes directly to the campaign blog if a candidate has one. Otherwise it's a link the the campaign website. Also a Medina County Dems grassroots group has a blog going and I've linked to that.

In my trolling for area blogs I found Ohio Media Watch which is less watchdoggy and more inside baseball than the portentous title makes it sound. It's quickly becoming a favorite.

As always, suggestions for the blogroll are welcome. In particular, I'd like to hear from anyone
who is rolling me but that I have missed, and anyone in the Akron area who is blogging.


Len said...

I recommend Thunderbird, Firefox's companion email/news/RSS reader. It's not a plugin, it's a standalone software program.

k-pho said...
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k-pho said...

As I may have mentioned, back when you were too cool for firefox, i use Sage. The 2 biggest knock's against it:

- it doesn't have a 'check for new posts every n minutes' feature - you have to hit its reload button

- To organize rss feeds into folders, you have to use the bookmarks editor, you can't do it directly in sage.

redhorse said...

Funny, you mention this: I was going to start playing in Thunderbird last week to figure out the RSS reader. Hadn't had time yet, but I do tonight.

So, we can talk about it tomorrow.

I've used Firefox for a long time, having hated most other browsers, but just converted to Thunderbird recently. It also has a calendar function, making it even more similar to MS products. I think there's a plugin that makes it work with Google calendar too.

staff said...

Sage is great as a RSS plug in. I used it a long time before switching.

Lisa Renee said...

I like Ohio Media Watch too, I find they report on local media happenings before our media gets to it.

Thanks for adding Lib Common Sense.


Rich in Medina said...

Thanks for the tip on Ohio Media Watch. That is a good find.