Thursday, July 20, 2006

That Was the Blogosphere Day that Was

I started my blog reading late today -- well yesterday since it's now 12:03 -- and discovered that Wednesday was Blogosphere Day. Based on OH2 Blog's post, I can piece together what it means, but I must cop to having missed the memo. In any event, I celebrated the waning minutes of Blogosphere Day with the latest round of revisions on my blogroll.

Cindy Zawadzi of HeightsMom fame is lead blogger on a new project -- a community political blog called As Ohio Goes. So far it looks good and very early on has a variety of voices contributing. For those newish to the blogosphere or who think maybe blogging looks kinda cool but you're just not sure, I highly recommend posting on community blogs. I got my sea legs on dKos and MyDD before growing weary of both. And believe me, running a stand-alone blog can be quite consuming.

I discovered two local political blogs I hadn't before. BlogginRyan on the center/left is fairly new and based in Munroe Falls. The author of Dane Bramage describes himself as a "fundamental [sic] Christian Rebublican of African ancestry." Apparently things are bad in the world and it's my fault. Sorry.

Callahan's Cleveland Diary has moved, so the link is fixed now.

I've added a link to Steve Dyer's website. Earlier this week he sent out a flash that the website had been revamped. It looks good and the horrible headshot is nowhere to be seen. If you had gotten scared off the first time, give it another go.

Also in my inbox this week was a plea from Tim Ferris to plug a group blog about the Fulton Road Bridge Project. They are agin' it. I'm not up on it, and so won't opine one way or another. I looked over the categories on my sidebar and frankly can't find a place to plug it in. Too specific for the progressive roll. Not Akron. Doesn't link to me, so it's not a Phriend. And I would put it in "Everything else I read," but I don't. So instead, just a plug. It's called Save Our Land. They are using the Blogger platform as a community organizing tool. If for no other reason, it's worth a look.

I did make a long-intended-but-never-remembered addition to the "Everything Else" list" Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly. The full title is "Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly, Int'l, A Website of Hope." It is what it says it is.

Hope you all had a very happy Blogosphere Day.


CindyZawadzki said...

Thanks for the mention/link Scott.

Ohio 2nd said...

Interestingly enough, I didn't know it was blogosphere day last year until it was mostly over even though Hackett was the target for the day.

Us lil' ol' local blogs don't really figure into it I guess.

Anonymous said...

"As Ohio Goes" does have a variety of voices, so long as the voice is progressive and votes democratic. To me, that is not variety.