Sunday, May 07, 2006

Random Ten

"Not Exactly Friday" Edition

I had great ambitions to post my Top Ten Bar Bands on the R10 with detailed arguments, but it's one of those So Much to Blog, So Little Time periods, so the belated list will have to do.

1. "Pioneers," Bloc Party
2. "Nobody's Business," The Believers
3. "You've Been Good to Us Clouds," Half-Hearted Cloud
4. "So Good Today," The Woodentops
5. "All World Cowboy Romance," Mission of Burma
6. "Cryogenic Sleep," Milemaker
7. "Brand New Colony," Postal Service
8. "Westchester County," Loudon Wainwright, III
9. "The Nocturnal House," Pretty Girls Make Graves
10. "Make War," Bright Eyes