Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Everybody Loves a Good Rhubarb

This feels like Darryl Strawberry acknowledging the Fenway bleacher creatures, but I’ve been asked to reset my feud with, well, someone . . . about, well, something. I’m still trying to figure all this out myself.

It started with someone calling himself Dave Hickman taking umbrage with a RussellPounderStaff post and beginning an email spamathon about it. Hickman is a Stolen Election Guy. I’m not fond of the Stolen Election guys. Another Stolen Election Guy dropped a non sequitur comment under the handle “abdrissa,” echoing much of what Hickman said. I ignored it.

You have to understand Stolen Election Guy. Grassy Knoll Dude thinks these guys are overzealous. Acknowledging them is like Staw tipping his hat to the fans chanting “DA ruhl DA ruhl.”

Sunday I wrote a post going over the BSB post that started all this. I mentioned the substance of the initial emails long enough to give it the hand. So I get angry posts from the aforementioned abdrissa taking issue with me. Fine. Then abdrissa goes somewhere else.

There’s this Central Ohio political consultant named Bryan . Bryan had his moments in the blogosphere last year, engaged in some sharp dealing, mixed it up with some people including myself. Some of it got outed and some got exaggerated. He has moved on, acknowledged mistakes. Bottom line, he’s a tough adversary. He and I patched things up long ago. He’s a frequent reader and occasional commenter. Bryan and I are OK.

Bryan has apparently earned the ire of Stolen Election Guy. Hickman’s rants go after Bryan. After a couple go ‘rounds, and apropos of absolutely nothing, so do abdrissa’s.

To me, this vaults over a line. I’ll put up with any manner of crap dealt at me here. I’ve had comments telling me (and the world) that I’m angry, that I’m frivolous, that I’m stupid, that I'm ignorant, that I’m a lousy father, that I’m a plant for various campaigns, that I have a small penis. (For the record, I do not have a small penis.)

While I have a high tolerance for insults directed at me, I feel differently about scolding on my readers. And hijacking my comments to direct nastygrams toward someone who isn’t even part of the discussion is completely out of pocket. It’s an abuse of my hard work here and it’s unfair to expect people to search comment fields for libel.

I deleted a couple of abdrissa’s anti-Bryan posts and explained why. Ab came right back with another post doing the same shit and I declared him/her banned. First time I’ve done it. I’m not censoring abdrissa in the sense of deleting posts because the content bothers me. The posts have been aimed at me and are occasionally witty. I’m deleting them because abdrissa is banned from my blog.

Unlike Fenway Park, I don’t have a bunch of off-duty cops to escort the crazies out the door. All I have is my ability to delete comments, so I do so. As of now, abdrissa's posts get deleted when I see them, whatever they are. If he/she posts the cure for cancer, better get it fast.

That’s the story. I’m happy to entertain a discussion about the ethics of banning commenters and deleting their comments if they won’t leave. Well, a discussion among people not logging on from abdrissa’s URL. Be forewarned, Kid T's behavior was completely off the hook today, so I've been dealing with tantrums on and offline. I'm a bit testy now.


abdirissa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jill said...

Thank you, Pho! I swear, I knew I'd seen Bryan's name on BSB, Hickman's name there too, maybe? And then his emails. And of course abdirissa commented/comments on my blog - I'm not sure if Bryan or Dave ever have.

But I really had no solid idea as to what was going on. And I guess we still may not know exactly why.

No offense to any of the people involved, but I guess I had this idea that the blogosphere is a higher order - there's dissent and bickering and arguing etc., but it's an open space and should have enough room for everyone to set out their beliefs and move on. Obviously when people are bullying, that's another thing. I've had it myself, try to amuse, then call it out and then move on if nothing is done.

Frankly, I always thought most of us are busy beyond belief and busting with ideas even more so. Isn't our time best spent figuring out how to get this state and country on a better track? I hate having my time wasted on a side endeavor that doesn't help anyone, even myself.

Not that I'm not a world class procrastinator.

scott bakalar said...

Thanks for this Pho.
I was feeling a bit confused yesterday.
Like something exploded, and for usually as close as I try to follow, I wasn't even aware that a bomb threat (figuratively) had been phoned in.

I know you as a tolerant blog guy.
You may respond in kind, but you let people play on your playground here. Whatever happened to force the ban/deletions must have been truly offensive.

Thanks too for the clarification on the penis thing...

TKE House said...

Napoleon once said, “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” Maybe abdrissa will get the point and park elsewhere.

Unknown said...

I guess that's another advantage of being a woman blogger. No one has ever said I have a small penis, well except for the spammers who supposedly have magic cures for the small penis that keep emailing me...

I've had to ban people, it got so bad on my original blog that I had to switch over to haloscan because this person kept doing what Abbey did to the point it brought my blog to a standstill by the shear volume of the comments repeatedly being posted.

I don't think you really had much choice Pho.

Anonymous said...

know what i love? a good dulce de leche and dave chappelle show.

TBMD said...


Somehow I missed out on the fireworks...

On the comment thing, my reader doesn't leave that many.

I have, however, deleted a couple of comments, generally over profanity. I have the quaint, old fashioned notion that reasonable arguments can be made without swearing. The general corollary is that as cussin' increases, argumentative merit decreases.

Anonymous said...

ok, this is hilarious. the four bloggers of the apocalypse -- PlunderBum, DemocracyGuru, PsychobillyRed, and BigPenisPho.