Friday, May 26, 2006

Cilizza on the Ohio House Races

For newbies, Washington Post politics blogger Chris Cilizza posts a "Friday Line" each week, examining the most compelling races. He cycles through House, Senate and Governor races and ranks them by the liklihood that the seat will change hands. This week he's looking at house races.

In his list to the twenty seats most likely to change hands, he ranks Ohio 18 (Bob Ney vs. Zach Space) number 4, up from 5 and Ohio 6 (Charlie Wilson vs Chuck Blasdel) number 10, down from 2.

On the map of all that interests Cilizza, these are the only two Ohio House races. So far he appears interested in neither of the independent candidate driven melodramas -- Ohio 13 and Ohio 15.


Anonymous said...

spoilers generally have a larger effect on the minds of the candidates running than the final total. You simply can't take a threw way for granted, but spoilers almost always only draw a negigible portion of the vote