Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Developments on GABB

Note to self: first days of summer are not the optimal time to start a new blog.

Nonetheless, the members of GABB have been contributing and the posts are picking up steam. Over the weekend Kyle and Terra from The Chief Source checked out the Hickory development and dropped a preview on GABB to their longer post on their home blog.

New member PeppermintLisa gives us a GABB exclusive update on the Highland Square redevelopment. Peppermint is heavily involved with the Highland Square Neighborhood Association, so she brings some real juice to Team GABB.

Meanwhile, I've added a few new blogs to the blogroll and will drop a post about them in the next day or two. Remember that the GABBroll is about area bloggers. If you are or know of anyone in or around Akron running a blog, let me know and I'll add him/her.