Friday, May 05, 2006

2006: Let the Wild Rumpus Start*

Less than a week from the primary, I get my first message poll aiming at the looming election. I think just maybe this was commissioned by State Sen. Kevin Coughlin. Read the questions and see what you think

1. Ohio right track/wrong track
2. Governor’s race
3. State senate race
4. Aware that Ohio schools spend an average of 57% in the classroom?
5. Support 65% proposal?
6. If I tell you 65% would put another $1 billion in the classroom without raising taxes, would you support 65%?
7. If a candidate supports 65%, would you be more likely to support him/her?
8. Kevin Coughlin supports 65%, does that make you more likely to support him?

No surprise Coughlin supports the latest scheme to wreck public schools. I’ve heard two different stories in which Coughlin told school teachers that the entire problem with school funding is that teachers make too much. He also thinks that support personnel make too much. I know he thinks University employees make too much. His general anti-union stance suggests he thinks blue and pink collar workers make too much.

Ultimately I think Kevin Coughlin thinks everyone makes too much money except 1) guys named Kevin Coughlin and 2) people who give money to guys named Kevin Coughlin.

Judy Hannah has her work cut out running against 65%, but she better do it. She doesn’t have much chance in the general election, but at least she can make the case that 65% is a fraud. But it’s going to be difficult, and may require defying conventional political wisdom. On the other hand, if she can make the case that 65% is a fraud, she may be able to work it to her advantage. Hanna needs to make the case that Coughlin is too far right for the 27th and that she isn't too far left. Taking a reasonable stance on a bread-and-butter issue like education can do that.

If you need to read up on 65%, check out the links in my previous posts on the subject.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who works with Coughlin, I can honestly say I don't think he's thought much about the 65 percent plan, much less taken a position on it.

It sounds like a poll designed to gather results to pitch to Coughlin for his support.

I also know he's not polling yet.

Penultimatina said...

Let the Wild Rumpus Start...

Where are the Wild Things these days, terrible claws & all?

I'm sure Max would've voted for the levy if he'd been of legal age.

k-pho said...

Yeah, I got that one too. Since it was automated, I couldn't help but wonder if they were even listening to the answers, or were just push-polling.

staff said...

Taftwel is on the 65 cent plan too.

Paul A. Miller said...

I'll grant the 65% "solution" is only a small part of the school funding reform puzzle. Still, I'm glad its out there being debated. Four years ago, nobody was saying anything approaching substantive on the issue. As a conservative who would like to see a solution, rather than a new political football to kick around for four more years, I'm glad Blackwell's offering at least a starting point for the debate. If he wins in the fall, there will be some pressure on him to work out a real solution with the legislature.

Meanwhile, Ted Strickland's plan is still pretty fluid and lacking in detail. He'll have to hone it to something sharper for it to hold ground against the 65% solution in the public arena.

That's a good result, too.