Thursday, May 11, 2006

Carnival and GABB

This week's Carnival of Politics is up.

So is the Greater Akron Bloggers Blog. Redhorse has joined as a contributor. Any interested Akron bloggers should drop a comment or send me an email. Come GABB with us.


abdirissa said...

From the Ohio Honest Elections Campaign website:

"On May 2, 2006 we posted an overview of the political landscape in Ohio which we called “24 Hours”. A great deal of our analysis concerned the strategy of soon to be Republican nominee Kenneth Blackwell to win the November election by targeting the African-American vote and painting himself as a reformer. We underlined the fact that Blackwell (unlike other Republican African-American decoy candidates) has a proven record, a history, of getting African-Americans to vote for him (estimates range as high as 50% of the African-American vote).

Wishful thinking by Democrats that Blackwell’s hideous history of voter suppression particularly targeting the African-American community will act as a talisman ensuring African-Americans will vote Democratic in November’s election is just that: wishful thinking. Interview after interview, article after article makes it clear that African-Americans are angry with a Democratic Party that barely raised a finger to protest the voter suppression and disenfranchisement that occurred in Ohio in 2004 (need we mention Strickland’s vote for the Republican House of Representatives’ immigration bill?). African-American leadership, rumors to the contrary, remain angry and alienated from the Democratic candidate for governor.

We argued in “24 Hours” that the Ohio Democratic Party and Democratic candidates had to genuinely and quickly acquire the support of the African-American leadership in Ohio. By genuinely we mean the active support and campaigning for the Democratic ticket (such as happened in Toledo wherein a Blackwell ploy for African-American votes was thwarted by the active intervention of the African-American Toledo Mayor) not merely pro-forma endorsements.

“24 Hours” has generated a great deal of comment and some controversy. Most of the controversy has come from non-African-Americans who cannot believe that anyone could ever bring themselves to vote for Ken Blackwell least of all African-Americans. This argument reminds us of all the Democrats on the east and west coasts who in 2004 believed no sane person could possibly vote for George Bush.

Read "24 Hours" by Ohio Honest Elections Campaign:

redhorse said...

ab, how precisely does this fit into the post. You're not on the carnival, you're not joining GABB.

You're spamming. Run along now and play Hickman's game in your head, or at least somewhere else.