Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ohiosphere Alum now Blogging for Brunner Campaign

A quick and hearty congrats to my friend Jeff Coryell, late of Ohio 2006 and Ohio Daily, and now house blogger for the Brunner campaign. Personally I'm still not sold on her as the candidate, but if she keeps showing this level of taste and judgment, she'll win me over eventually.

One quick note about the blog. One issue on which Brunner is able to put daylight between herself and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher is gay rights. No coincidence that the two most recent posts highlight the issue -- one announces Brunner's upcoming participation in the Dayton Pride parade and another her support for the workplace discrimination bill now before the General Assembly. Time will tell whether tacking left on this issue will work over the long haul, but it will be interesting to watch.