Monday, June 15, 2009

Mendenhall Grasping at Straws Again

Team Mulligan leader Warner Mendenhall's comment to last week's post about the recall warrants special attention. Quoth he:

    My opinion is based on knowledge of the city's current and future liabilities. The expert failed to include about $500 million in liabilities that are coming due--Sewers and Retiree Health Care. When those future, but imminent, debts are accounted for we are bankrupt.

    The expert is only as good as the information he is given to review. The input from the City was junk. The expert never called Change Akron Now to become informed about what our concerns are.

    The Bond ratings companies are similarly kept in the dark about these liabilities and property values. (the median sale price of houses in Akron fell 50% over last year).
That bit about retirement liabilities didn't sound right. While that's a broadly germane topic, what with Chrysler and GM sinking under legacy costs, local governments in Ohio generally aren't saddled with such costs for retired workers. Local governments are responsible for some contribution into a statewide retirement fund (e.g. the Public Employees Retirement System [PERS], Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund [OPFPF]; State Teachers Retirement System [STRS]). Once an employee retires, the liability for benefits and health care shifts to whichever fund the employee participates in.

Entertaining the possibility that Mendenhall knows something I don't, I contacted the city and confirmed the above. The city does not have an imminent legacy cost liability.

And so it goes with Team Mulligan. Aside from the conceded fact that the Mayor can be a piece of work, they've been consistently wrong in their critcisms of the city government.


Warner said...

You apparently accept the truth of two of the three issues that I raised 1) the cost of sewer system upgrades ($450m) and 2) reduction in the median price of a house . Then you call city hall for the answer as to the other issue and expect a truthful answer. Why don't you check around on the retiree health care issue? You can start with: Then call the police and fire union officials and the lawyers on the case and get their opinions. I have dealt with a lying, cheating, evidence destroying mayor since 1991. I have no illusions about his honesty and I have won the cases to prove it.

Pho said...

You apparently accept the truth of two of the three issues that I raised.
This, right here, is why so many people can't stand you. What, I have to respond to everything you say every time you say it? No, I don't accept the truth of your other two assertions. I wouldn't accept the truth of a time check from you without checking my own watch first.

The selling price of a home in Akron isn't the relevant inquiry, tax assessment is. The selling price is part of calculating the tax assessment, but not the the whole thing.

As for the sewer system, neither you nor I nor anyone else knows what the liability will be. That depends on what remediation the US EPA approves. In any event, any debt for sewer improvements will come from sewer fees. That is it will be special obligation debt and not fall under the general obligation debt ceilings you fret about.

Also I can't help wondering how the sewer obligation was kept hidden from the bond rating agencies when it's a matter of public knowledge.

You and your merry band of misfits claim the debt is too high. Everyone else -- and I mean everyone else -- says it isn't. I'm not an expert and have to rely on others to help form my opinion. Having seen how you selectively mine the facts, I'll stick with everyone but you.

Anonymous said...

Pho - Is Warner serious here? I read Warner's comment the other day, and I'm glad you decided to give it more time. The scary part is he has people who believe him!

Anonymous said...

How much is this egomaniac costing the taxpayers? I liken this to the Clinton impachment...if you cant beat him in a normal election, you find some other subversive means to have him removed.

Warner - if you lose this one...please do us all a favor and exit politics. This time you cost Akron alot of $$$.

$200,000 for the election, plus another $300,000 raised in donations to the various campaigns. Half a million for what...your name in the paper three times a week? Try the normal mechnicsm of winning an election next time.

Anonymous said...

Interesting commetn from Mendenhall on his FaceBook page:"Why is a bankrupt company (Akron Thermal) that owes us millions giving to Plusquellic? Shouldn't the pay some creditors?"

Heady stuff coming from someone that owes "us" $169,000...shouldn't he be paying hsi taxes before commiting the resources of his law firm to this recall?

Warner said...

@anon. Akron Thermal is avoiding its obligations. My taxes are being paid--the lien stays in place until it is paid off. I am not avoiding my obligations through bankruptcy. Very different scenarios.

You want to blame me for the $175,000 for the election? All elections cost money. If citizens want an election and meet the requirements, they get it. Would you do away with elections because they cost money?

Each of us has a right to have citizen generated elections. Would you eliminate those progressive reforms? The Mayor proposed the current recall law and we voted for it in 2000.

Why would I be responsible for anyone's donations? In fact I urge everyone not to give donations to Citizens for Akron. It is a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

Warner, until you pay your taxes you owe us.....period.

YOU are responsible for this recall, and like all things in your life you avoid responsibility.

BTW, how is Ed Markovich doing, loan him your car lately? Guess i should judge you by the company you keep.

Anonymous said...

All elections do cost money. Its just the ones you order up for your ego that are a shameful waste.

When you lose - please pay your taxes and go away.

Anonymous said...

Warner - The citizens did not want the election, You did! So Warner, now that the Akron debt talking point is gone. What is team recall's stance? Dinner receipts? The Mayor playing Solitaire at work? Crossing the street outside a crosswalk?

Anonymous said...

Warner - where is the egg timer when you need it?

Mencken said...

Is it too late to plan an intervention for Warner ?

Anonymous said...

An intervention only works when the target is not surrounded by a group of enablers. Warner believes it is everyone else that has a problem not him. He is egged on by some of the lowest hanging fruit in the city.

No joke intended this man has serious psychological issues with rejection. He simply cannot accept that so many people dislike him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Warner, its raining today and I promised my kid we would go to the park. I blame Plusquellic.

Mencken said...

Warner is caught up leading his own version of "The Charge of the Light Brigade"..... too busy charging forward, sword held high, to notice the disaster taking place in the dust of his wake, He can't turn around or slow down lest he get run over by his own bullshit.

No.... the damage is done.... the taxpayer's money is down the drain.

41 years I've lived in Akron, and I don't recall a more frivolous and wasteful effort than this recall.

Said after the original cCharge:
"It is magnificent, but it is not war. It is madness.