Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh Dear Blog, I Have Neglected You So

It's time for a return. I haven't regained the fire in the belly to start blogging, but clearly it's time to fish or cut bait. Either this is going to work or I need to officially shut the Pages down.

To that end I've started updating the sidebars. Mostly this is about purging the blogs that have gone dark or at least have been quiet for several months. A few developments in the blogosphere during the period of my absence should get a mention. First, and most happily, Law Dork is back after his sojourn into the public sector. Ohio Daily and Buckeye State have each seen some changes in personnel. Closer to home a blog inexplicably called I Tire Akron sprung up, then went quiet (it's marginally more explicable in pictograph).

Some folks have emailed from time to time to alert me about new blogs they had started. I'll try to dig up those emails and check our those blogs, but if you are one of those people, this would be a good time to send a reminder.

OK, that'll do for a restart. Substance beginning tomorrow.


hudson reader said...

Thank you for coming back. I've missed the updates.

Madrigal Maniac said...

I hope you keep fishing. I like hearing your perspective on the craziness around us.

Village Green said...

Good to see you again. I've been managing an anemic once a week posting on my blog. But the garden is now in and school is just about over, so I hope to rev it up a bit now.

Anonymous said...

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