Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fisher Campaign Mining Hillary's Email List. Brunner . . . Responds?

Got an email today titled "Why Lee Fisher Is Right for Ohio." I've gotten some other Fisher communiques, so nothing unusual there. Upon opening I read, after the opening grafs:

    We are contacting you as an Ohio resident and a member of Hillary Clinton's online community. If you do not wish to receive email messages from Lee Fisher's campaign, please click here to unsubscribe.

The opening is artfully managed:
    Back during the presidential campaign, Lee worked hard to help Hillary win the Ohio primary and helped Barack Obama win in November, just as he's worked hard for Ohioans in the state legislature, as Attorney General, Director of Economic Development, and Lieutenant Governor.
None of this is a surprise. Fisher (well, Strickland and Fisher went along) did indeed come out early for Hillary; Fisher's campaign manager Geri Prado (the putative author of the email), is a Hillary campaign vet; and of course Bill is actively campaigning for Fisher. Whatever else you can say about the Clinton's, they know how to repay favors. Whatever else you can say about Fisher, he knows how to bank favors and call them in at the right time.

What's funny about all this is the fundraising email I got from Brunner just ahead of the Prado/Fisher solicitation. The opening is a not-at-all veiled reference to the Clintons:
    Last Tuesday, voters in Virginia defeated the well-funded "establishment" candidate for the Democratic nomination by a huge margin - 50% to 26% in a three-way race - sending State Senator Creigh Deeds to face the Republican in November. Deeds won resoundingly because, as the Washington Post noted, his "message and momentum" swept him to a big victory.
Who was that well-funded "establishment" candidate? Uber-Clintonista Terry McCauliff. Don't know if Brunner got wind of Fisher using the Hillary list or if it's just a coincidence they went out so close together. In any event, Brunner is calling out to Clintons without calling them by name.

This is still a race between two people I have a hard time caring one way or the other about, but at least it's entertaining.