Sunday, March 16, 2008


Having more or less survived another crush, I'm ready to start back here again. I find getting back into blogging to be a bit of a challenge, so this is my Ben Hogan waggle to get back into the swing.

When last I posted it was to provide a few links and acknowledge being a bit busy. But then we had the blizzard which pretty much killed all plans to get work done last weekend. And the rest of the week went like that.

But now, it's Spring Break. Not much of a break really, so much as change in work load. In one week I have to grade 30 quizzes, 30 papers and 60 tests, plus finish the last half of a writing assignment, plus get on top of a church volunteer project plus cross an item or two of the honeydo list. In whatever time all that leaves, I plan to blog copiously as well.

Stay tuned.