Thursday, March 27, 2008

Learn More about Norka

I traced an odd hit through SiteMeter and found a post about Norka Orange Soda in response to a Dooce post from one Lady D in Pittsburgh. Anyone who subtitles her blog with an obscure Ren and Stimpy reference is going to get some love here on the Pages. Though I had to let her know that I am by no means a hipster.

As longtime readers are aware, the blog was originally Pho's Norka Pages in reference to the longstanding Akron tradition of branding by spelling the name backwards. After attending my first blogger meetup at which George and company asked "What the hell is a Norka" the title changed but the url remains.

I believe there is more Norka memorabilia at the Lock 3 museum, which also houses the Toy Marble Museum and the Lighter Than Air Society Museum. It might be worth a field trip.


Lady D said...

Right back at you, Pho. I am in the middle of rebranding, so stop by my new site any time. (Still under construction!)

Lock 3 Park said...

I work with Lock 3 Park and there quite a few artifacts in the museum. My uncle bought a NORKA sign years ago and it looks great!

-Kevin Lockett