Thursday, March 20, 2008

A New Ohio Poltics Blog

When I first started reading Ohio blogs -- well before I started blogging myself -- the landscape was far different. Ohio had no real "big boys" like BSB or ODB, and few individuals who stood above the rest. Callahan, BFD (though then as now not much party political), Tim Russo's original Democracy Guy and The Chief Source are among the few political bloggers at work then and continuing to this day. Others included HypoSpeak (whom I fear is no longer with us) Seven Cent Nickel (whose rusted hull continues to roll about on the waves), Ohio Watch and Power to the People (both of which have been taken down.)

And there was Bring Ohio Home. BOH went through a couple iterations, eventually giving way to founder Paul Ackerman's day job as a political consultant. Now Paul and business partner Ryan Fissel are back at it. The blog has a great look and a good run of posts. Wish them well.


Pho said...

Paul has been trying to post the following, but Blogger keeps rejecting him. So he emailed. My response at the end.

Thanks for the link love!

But you raise something that I had put out of my mind.

When I started Bring Ohio Home, there were some blogs that I regularly read
and one was: Hypothetically Speaking.

I never knew who this person was, but it seemed clear that he or she was
well connected. The blog went through some rather underexplained silences
but I do remember an occasional very backhanded reference to a health

Whomever did this blog, I hope he or she is well, but like Pho, I fear the


Pho said...


No idea how that posted, btw.

First off, happy to link. Someday I'll get around to refurbishing the sidebar and you will find yourself there as well.

As to HypoSpeak, he did indeed have health problems. He posted that he was going into treatment for prostate cancer with a bad Gleason score (and thus I learned what a Gleason score is). He came back, blogged for awhile, then went silent.

One clue about who he is/was that may mean more to someone in central OH. He said he was involved in the drafting of the RON amendments. Since Common Cause was heavily behind it, I thought he might be a member there. I think I may even have seen something on CC's website claiming him as one of their own.