Sunday, March 02, 2008

View from the Ground and a Few Notes Before I Go

pportunities abound to get involved in the Obama campaign before Crucial Tuesday. Surf over to the
Akron group and find a way to get involved.

Alas, I will not be joining you. I've been trying to clear enough of my plate to do something down the stretch, but it's not happening. Bad semester for the Most Important Ohio Primary Ever to happen.

It's been surprisingly quiet here at the House of Pho. The only robocall over the past couple days was Tom Sawyer for Obama, but he just reminded us to vote early. The only canvassers visible in my neighborhood were a group of alty twenty-somethings that looked like Obama supporters but on closer inspections are Paulinas.

We got a weird robocall from Working America, an AFL-CIO political arm, simply reminding us to vote. Ah, thanks for that.

I have a bold prediction. Whatever happens Tuesday, Stolen Election Guy will once again use the Dispatch's outlier poll as evidence of voter fraud. Seriously, how many times does the Dispatch poll have to be embarrassingly wrong before the paper stops using it? To see how out of step it is, check this from Taegan Goddard.

I suspect that some pro-Obama national bloggers are going to miss the Hillary campaign when it's gone. They outdid themselves this weekend, with two monumental embarrassments in one conference call. First, they can't follow up their 3 a.m. ad with a single instance in which Hillary gained the experience we apparently want in the person who answers The Phone. Then they try to adjust expectations by giving Obama a laughably high bar. The posts just write themselves.

Ann "Breast Monitor" Althouse once again sees things no one else can see. Kevin Drum's response is really all you need.

Speaking of post writing themselves, did McCain not see the Dem debate before accepting John Hagee's endorsement? Forget renounce versus reject, just embrace the bigot, damn the consequences. Strong work, John.

Political Science 216 ran a fascinating post merging the Ohio Dem party's rococo rules for awarding delegates with personal predictions. Hillary could actually win the popular vote, but come up short on delegates.

Meet.the.Bloggers and WKYC are once again teaming up, this time for Crucial Tuesday coverage. And again the Highland is open for a watch party.