Monday, January 28, 2008

Ben and Kyle are Back

The ABJ staff were true to their word. They worked with Ben Keeler and Kyle Kutuchief to get The Point back up. Ben and Kyle have done the right thing -- they've posted detailed accounts of the negotiations on their home blogs. Ben here and Kyle here. For its part, the ohiodotcom version is here.

The main sticking point is Ben's run at the Repub Central Committee on behalf of Team Coughlin. He's steering clear of the Elephant Wars on The Point (though we implore him to offer whatever he can on the Keeler Report.)

The resolution is about right. Unlike the PD's conflation of bias and conflict of interest, Ben running for party office comes closer to an actual conflict. The paper needed to do something to cure the conflict but, given the nature of political blogging, the conflict is curable. The main point is that ABJ neither imposed draconian rules, nor did they demand that bloggers be other than bloggers.


Ben said...

Ive been following your posts on the subject here. Thanks for all your coverage - I just havent been able to comment until today.