Friday, December 21, 2007

Russ Pry Makes It Official

Possibly the least surprising news of the week:

    Summit County Executive Russell M. Pry filed Declaration of Candidacy petitions for Summit County Executive today at the Summit County Board of Elections.

    Russell M. Pry was sworn in as the County of Summit Executive on July 13, 2007, bringing a wealth of experience and community involvement to the position. Pry immediately made economic development and jobs his number one priority.

In a brief time in office, he's put together a nice portfolio to run on:
    Working with the State of Ohio, City of Akron, the Summit County Port Authority and County Council, Executive Pry was personally involved at the highest level of negotiations with Goodyear officials. Pry and the County of Summit played a pivotal role in securing Goodyear’s commitment to remain in Summit County. Keeping Goodyear in the area will keep over 400 businesses, 2,900 employees and 378 million dollars in income in our community.

    Executive Pry also created a new “Economic Development Task Force” within his Department of Community and Economic Development to assist all local businesses with everything from job retention and job creation to low interest loans. The new Executive office has hosted two “Economic Development Forums” where local businesses have been invited to meet with federal, state and local government leaders to discuss ways to partner, assist and create new opportunities for job growth.

    As the new County Executive, Russ Pry used his leadership skills to reach a long awaited agreement with the Summit County Agricultural Society. Last month, the Summit County Agricultural Society signed a new Lease and Operating Agreement for the Summit County Fairgrounds resolving lingering issues that involve the operation of the County of Summit owned land located at the county Fairgrounds. County Council voted to approve the Lease and Operating Agreement.

    Working with the Summit County Veterans Administration and County Council, Russ Pry led the way for a much needed new Veteran’s facility. The County recently purchased land for the site, and the new building is under design. The new facility is scheduled for construction in late 2008.