Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Back

So, did I miss anything?

Oh. Shit.

Damn, I was planning to link positively to Redhorse's observation that Russo appears back in the blogosphere. But I get an immediate reminder of what a double-edged sword that is.

Some readers may agree that this morning's Boccieri post was entirely worthless. To you I only offer my apologies. It was a quickie post in the middle of the grading marathon. Me, I don't think it's my best work, but not my worst either. I've had some offline communications responding to it that didn't go to the "totally worthless" blast. Whatever.

For those of you who read the post and wonder what got Tim's shorts in a bunch, here's a little background. It's not full background as I still don't believe in airing dirty blog laundry. But enough to give a little context.

The actual back story with Jerid goes to last summer. Bottom line: When Russell Hughlock was running Buckeye State he worked to build the entire lefty blogosphere. Jerid, to say the least, has not. I let it be known that I found that disappointing. And by the way, other people have expressed that to me, if not to Jerid.

Fast forward to last week when I put up this post that included, in good-natured horseplay, the observation that a post of Jerid's sounded kind of familiar. Again, not the first time someone has observed such a thing. I thought it was a gentle needle, but knowing Jerid's notoriously thin skin, I should have known better.

There were offline communications. Jerid's first blast at me was that he never reads my blog unless I write something about BSB. Which I almost never do, but whatever. When I pointed out that the post at issue was one he commented on, his fallback position was that the point was obvious1. Some other nastiness ensued, I tried to end on a conciliatory note and heard nothing else.

Until today. According to his comment on Ohio Daily, Jerid, who does not read my blog, read the post today thought it hilarious that I said nothing in it. He didn't post about it because he doesn't do that sort of thing. But Russo did. And Jerid immediately relplied. Resetting the controversy between us.

And it had nothing to do with the fact that I poked fun at him last week. It was entirely about how important it was to tell everyone what a lame blogger I am. Just like this post is entirely about offering advice to political candidates and nothing whatever to do with embarassing someone else that Jerid has argued with lately.

Look. I'm the last person you should look to for an objective view of this whole thing. If people want to stop reading the Pages because Russo thinks I'm lame, so be it. I'll have more time for real life which works for me. But before anyone buys from Jerid and Tim, just understand exactly what they are selling.

1Yes, the point was less than earth shattering. But making the point before the election when it would have some traction as opposed after when it sounds like whistling-past-the-graveyard spin is less so. In any event, I pointed out to Jerid that when someone beats me to an obvious point, I acknowledge it with a link.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I couldn't agree more. Of course I was unaware that every blogger had to write Pulitzer worthy entries every day of the week. I am shocked that the post where BSB suggested that Columbus GOP mayoral candidate Bill Todd enjoyed fornicating with an elm tree didn't at least get a mention in the New York Times.

Anonymous said...

gee, and here i thought all i was doing was writing my opinion about a post. wow.

it was, however, entertaining to watch you pick through these entrails, whatever they are. fascinating. still have no idea what you're trying to say, but it was fun.

JK said...

Now when I was looking for substantive commentary, this wasn't exactly it.

Nonetheless, the Pho show continues.

Ryan, don't you have a campaign to manage?

John Ettorre said...

Scott, I sure wouldn't lose a microsecond of sleep worrying about this. You run rings around all of them put together. I've come to trust your sensibility on a gut level. I'm quite sure I'm not alone in that. And unlike most bloggers, you evidently have the people skills to actually become a bridge to more traditional writers and journalists, via your new role on the Akron Press Club. So please just keep doing what you're doing.

Scott Piepho said...

Jerid, I'm sure with time and study my blogging can rise to the level of pointing out typos. Just be patient with me.

JK said...

If all you see is the typo, you're not nearly as perceptive as I'd once thought, pho'sy.

Anonymous said...

I am as right as you can get. However, I have always enjoyed reading your blog as you are usually measured and not severe in your posts. Your antagonist, in this case, is however, a bit much at times. Civil discourse from either side is preferable to bomb throwing. Keep up the good work.
The Dude

Anonymous said...

Pho--don't let them get you down. Those two are punks, plain & simple. They both have obvious issues. Not sure if it's 'roid rage, Mommy didn't hug them enough as children, or they were picked on by the cool kids at school (or likely all 3).

BSB is no better than RAB. I consider both blogs to be tabloids--just coming at it from different angles.

Let them belittle you Pho--I'd take it as a badge of honor. There's a reason you are respected by both Lefties & Righties, real bloggers & the MSM, & they are not.

Scott Piepho said...

I appreciate the votes of confidence and all. It's unfortunate these flare-ups occur, but it happens. In any event, I'm closing comments because I don't want this to turn into Pile on Jerid and Tim. My only intention was to give the tiff a little context if people were wondering.