Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Some Links Before I Go.

Today I finish my exam and finish a piece under a drop-dead deadline. Some morning linkage to go with your coffee.

City Council President Marco Sommerville [finally] pled to a misdemeanor gun charge earlier this week. Boring poked me about this a ways back. The short version is that he is right -- the state would have a tough time proving he had the requisite mental state. And almost certainly he didn't have the requisite mental state. In other words, he isn't getting a special break because he's Marco Sommerville. I'll try to post the long version tonight.

Loved this take from Dave on parents upset they couldn't get Hannah Montana tickets. Loved it because he's right and because he dropped a Foghat reference. On top of everything else, these parents don't realize: They were spared attending a Hannah Montana concert. At least when we sat through 20 minutes of "Slow Ride" we were stoned. "Best of Both Worlds" is excruciating in any mental state, not least stone cold, parentally responsibly sober.

I totally don't get why private colleges are whining that they are not included in the State University System plan. Hmm. Maybe because it's the state university system plan? As if Fingerhut didn't have enough fiefdoms to contend with.

One of the best headlines in a Faith in Public Life collection ever: Congress to say Christmas is important. Sun and Moon declared good too
(from Politico)

One of the worst headlines in a Faith in Public Life collection ever: Christians Under Fire in Colorado (from Time) Really? Christians under fire? Does this follow up "Shoppers Under Fire in Missouri" or "Engineering Students Under Fire in Virginia?" The resolution at issue in the first headline decries "persecution directed against Christians, both in the United States and worldwide." Do we really need more fuel for that fire of ridiculousness?

I have lots of thoughts about the new US News high school rankings. In the meantime, here's the search page if you are interested.