Friday, December 28, 2007

Bill O'Neill's Big Year-End Push

Conspicuously absent from recent discussions of congressional races in play was Ohio's Fourteenth. Judge Bill O'Neill has pledged to give entrenched Republican Steve LaTourette a battle.

O'Neill's campaign is running a particularly strong fundraising campaign for the end of the reporting period. The pitch says fairly explicitly that O'Neill is trying to get on the DCCC's next tier of priority races:

    Democrats in Washington know I can beat Steve LaTourette. But they've been clear that the next 10 days are absolutely crucial for my campaign.

    Every three months, congressional candidates must file reports on their fundraising progress. These reports are what reporters, pundits and Democratic leaders use to measure which races are winnable. Help us show that we're ready to take on a long-time incumbent - and win. (Emphasis in original.)

So if you have a little extra Christmas money, surf over to Judge O'Neill's ActBlue and offer an end-of-the-year vote of confidence.


Anonymous said...

Another Joker canidate dredged up by dems for slaughter by the LaTourette machine.
Millionairess Capri Cafaro couldn't lay a glove on LaTourette, how is this seasons sacrifical lamb with no money and zero name recognition going to have a prayer?
When will the Dems recruit a real challenger in the Ohio 14th and stop surrendering to LaTourette?