Friday, December 07, 2007

A few quick takes before I hit the salt mines.

Miller South Uniform Protest

This cracks me up, mostly because I know many of the people involved (particularly the girl who was "forced" to participate in the protest and the car pool lady who "forced" her.) Kid Z goes to the school, so I've heard all about the controversy.

One thought. Conservative ed reformers like to (a) rail against the supposedly monolithic, one-size-fits-all public school system and (b) favor throwback measures like school uniforms. How to resolve the two?

Drilling in Ohio Parks.

I'm not foursquare against it since I do, y'know, drive and stuff. But the criteria in the bill, at least as reported in the news accounts, is incomplete:

    The provision under discussion would allow drilling only on state lands "covered by concrete, asphalt, gravel, turf, crops or fields that have plants or trees not exceeding 10 years in growth." The bill would create a five-member Oil and Gas Leasing board to oversee the leasing of state property for developing oil and natural gas reserves.
That doesn't protect what is special about the parks. The bill does not mention preserving habitats or other ecologically important features, keeping noise levels down or protecting scenic vistas.

Having said all that, an oil well operates on a twenty foot square piece of property between my post office parking lot and the adjoining church. It is possible to do this unobtrusively if the regulators keep an eye on things.

Thoughts about Ohio Five.

First off, the Dems have already won. Even if the Republicans hold on to the seat, they do so only by pouring money into what should be a safe seat. The Repubs have been forced to trade a knight for a pawn (ok, maybe a rook for a bishop) and still might not win.

Meanwhile, the Presidential candidates are getting into the act. Barack was first in (I got that email), with Edwards close behind (didn't get that one for some reason.) We will watch this weekend to see if Hillary, Biden or Richardson -- who have otherwise been burning up my inbox -- chime in.

And if you want to follow the endgame, just keep an eye on Ohio Daily. DailyKlueless may not think so, but Jeff has been doing the best work on the race.

News Corp. Buys BeliefNet

Not happy about this at all. It was one thing for Rupert Murdock to get his hands on the Wall Street Journal, which already runs to the right. It's another for him to take over a site that is currently truly ecumenical. I'm bracing myself for Fox Noise-style displays of priggish intolerance masquerading as piety.

Bring a Toy to See Marc Dann.

If you come to Marc Dann's presentation at the Akron Press Club next week, bring an unopened toy. The Press Club is teaming up with the Marine Corps to serve as a Toys for Tots drop off site. This is probably as good a time as any to disclose that I will be joining the Press Club Board of Trustees next year.

Sidebar Updates Coming Soon.

Those of you who have asked for links. I'll try to get them done this weekend. Also, I've been really late in recommending Argue with Everyone, a political forum site whose name pretty much says it all. Perfect for the politics wonk version of Likes to Fight Guy.


Jill said...

Hi Pho - I wanted to see who could possibly have something to say that's negative about Jeff C and Ohio Daily Blog but the story at the DKos link is gone. If you figure out what's up, you can delete this comment - I was just curious to read whatever had been written. I'm sure they are WRONG. :)

Thanks for the info on Beliefnet. Wow - I'm totally bummed.

Paul Ackerman said...

I second Jill's request

But my main comment is about this oil well you speak of between your post office and the church. How does this well appear? Is it one of those iconic wells that pump up and down and is 10+ feet tall, or is it something much more subtle?

Scott Piepho said...

Jill and Paul:

Weird about the dKlueless story. It's the one sent out in an email from D-trip, and yeah, it's not there anymore.

The poster didn't say anything bad about Jeff. In fact didn't mention Jeff which was the point. Instead, the poster referred people to BSB which had been "covering it well" he opined. So I gave a shout-out to Jeff and took an entirely gratuitous swipe and dK, which makes a pretty complete day in my book.

Paul, the well is indeed a classic ten foot tall bobbing bird well. You notice it, but it doesn't wreck the neighborhood is all I'm saying.

JK said...

I've got serious fears about the the push for incursion into state park lands for drilling. I've seen that elsewhere, and it usually isn't done in such a responsible manner. Maybe I'm a cynic, but I doubt it'd be better in Ohio.

Secondly, I think Jeff's done a pretty good job on coverage of OH-15. I didn't get to see the DK post before it was yanked, so can you fill me in more on what the problems were with it? And just checking, there wasn't a problem that DK referred folks my way, was there? Like I said, I don't know what the post said so I'm missing the hubub.

Paul Ackerman said...

Bobbing birds (quite descriptive) next to a post office are one thing ... in a park, no matter what patch of gravel it is on, is quite another thing.

I'm skeptical.