Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Subodh Chandra on Voting Rights Litigation (Audio)

Subodh Chandra came to speak to Summit County Progressive Democrats last night about the voting rights litigation he has participated in since his run in the AG primary. Subodh worked on teams litigating two cases challenging provision in the SB 3 election "reform" legislation passed by the General Assembly last year. One case challenged a provision stating that a poll judge could demand of a naturalized citizen that he/she produce a naturalization certificate. The second case challenged the ID requirement in SB 3.

A personal note: My younger daughter became a citizen by operation of statute. She is foreign born, but became a citizen when we adopted her. As such, she has no naturalization certificate. If that law had been allowed to stand, she would not have been able to vote in Ohio.

Anyway, I excised the 20 minute guts of Subodh's talk. Even if you saw his updates as things happened around the run up to the election, there's some additional information here. He also had very kind things to say about SCPD, and gave grassroots activism some heavy cheerleading, but I'm running out of space on my host, so those bits ended up on the floor of my virtual cutting room.