Wednesday, January 10, 2007

School Funding Plan Rollout

Jill caught it before I did: the first press mention of the rollout scheduled next Wednesday, Jan. 17 for the proposed Constitutional amendment to fix school funding. So that's out of the bag. The plan is to roll it out just before submitting it to the Attorney General for approval.Currently I'm planning to be down there and hope to post a report. Subject, as always, to the vagaries of parenthood.

By the way, I can't find a mention in either the Plain Dealer or the ABJ, both of which are scaling back statehouse coverage in deference to tough economic times.

Back to the article in the Dispatch. The blogs have been speculating on what this means for Strickland. Here's what the Governor had to say:

    Strickland said yesterday that he still considers school funding the most pressing problem facing Ohio. He said he plans to bring all interested parties together to come up with a plan "that would be acceptable to the vast majority of Ohioans and stakeholders while realizing that nobody would get everything they desire."

    He said such a fix must deal with both education reforms and money.

    "I think if we are able to tell the people of Ohio what they are going to get for the investment, they will be more willing to support it."

    Such reforms, he said, would include ensuring that both teachers and students have the opportunities and tools they need.


Village Green said...

I will be looking for your reports. The ABJ is but a shadow of itself. It is very sad. That said, I'm really glad to have all the blogs from so many points in Ohio which provide breaking information and instant feedback. It feels like the slumbering and long suffering populace of Ohio is beginning to pay attention to the people in charge.

I had every intention of attending the Summit Progressive Tuesday but was too much under the weather. Didn't want to sit and cough through your meeting. Next month!

NEOBuckeye said...

Indeed, village green, it is very sad what has become of the Beacon under David Black. Forget the state, they don't even cover the entire county anymore. The Canton Repository does a better job of covering Green, while everything north of Stow, it seems, has been more or less left up to the Plain Dealer.

Haven't Akronites already been accused of not being able to see the world much beyond their own communities? The shrinking of the ABJ's coverage certainly doesn't help any.

So yes, I'm also grateful for the added dimension of news and insight shared by Pho and the other Ohio bloggers who are picking up the slack as best as they can.