Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Camper

Dear Mom and Dad

Having a great time at RootsCamp. The weather is pretty yucky, but the Senior Patrol Leaders, Mr. Vessels and Mr. Rothenburg have lots of cool things to do here inside like talking and drinking coffee and eating donuts.

Lots of my friends from home are here, like George and Jill and Cindy and of course I came down with Jeff. Also I met some cool kids I had heard of like Jerid and Lisa Renee. And there were kids from all over like SEIU and America votes and Young Dems and Licking PAC.

Remember Anna Landmark? She used to work for Ms. Sutton, then she just left and we never heard from her again. Well it turns out the whole time she was running the Minimum Wage Issue campaign. All the time we thought the Dem candidates and the party were ignoring the issue, it turns out that the campaign was working to help out Dem candidates. They did things real careful so that they didn’t cwoordinate against the rules.

Mr. Vessels said I did such a good job getting my Education Advocacy merit badge that I could teach a session on it. It was a pretty cool session, but not many people were there. Tommy Smith said it was because education is a stupid and boring issue, so I punched him in the head.

I talked for a long time for C.J. who worked for Mr. Sultzer and Leesa who worked for Mr. Cordray. Hey, you know how Mr. Cordray hired Russell? Well it turns out they started thinking about it because Mr. Sawyer hired me and Jason. I think that’s pretty cool.

I met a lot of neet people and we had a good time together. At the end George was talking to Mr. Vessels and they might do a BlogCamp sometime soon. Can I go pleeeeeze?

NOTE: The the html code for the original kid writing typeface on this post was somehow unstable. Blogger didn't like it in any event. When I pulled the post back into editing to add tags, Blogger turned it back into Times Roman, at least on Preview. Since K-pho said the font was annoyingly hard to read, I'm not going to fuss.


Jill said...

I can't wait for the camp reunion.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the most excellent post. It was a wonderful time except for the ice cubes in my sleeping bag.