Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Education Notes

Amendment Summary: Don't Just Take My Word

Joan Platz at the League of Women Voters writes a weekly email summary of legislative activity germain to education in Ohio. Ohio Fair Schools hosts the update on the web (generally going up a day or so after they go out.) This week's update is heavily devoted to the Amendment With No Name. Joan has access to the information I have, plus, so she's a good source.

Finger in the Wind

Check out the comments to this post on BSB regarding the AWNN for gossipy news about how it's going down among education groups and the ODP. It's consistent with what I'm hearing.

Garrison Bill(s) Preempted by SOTU

I can find no coverage outside the Marietta paper. Even this dispatch is silent. Was this a mistake or not? SOP for bills you want under the radar is to introduce them Friday afternoon, and afternoon of the SOTU is certainly the equivalent. On the other hand, if Garrison wanted this to get noticed, she picked a bad day to announce it.

The Marietta Times suggests that Garrison is actually introducing two bills: one on parity aid and a separate one on all-day kindergarten. The piece does a good job of explaining how the parity aid piece works and extrapolating what it would mean for districts in that area.

Speaking of the SOTU

If I don't get a general reaction piece up, let me note this: By far the least enthusastic applause on both sides of the aisle was the response to the applause line exhorting Congress to reauthorize No Child Left Behind.


Jill said...

That update by Ms. Platt is outstanding. Thanks for pointing it out, Scott.