Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Still More SOTU Reactions.

A few you might have missed.

Betty Sutton's is up on her campaign website. Right now it's on the frontpage, not a page with a dedicated url. So surf over while it lasts. What you would expect -- criticisms focusing on SCHIP and trade.

FactCheck has done their usual fisking. They don't find any out-and-out untruths, but they find the half-truths, misdirections and spin. Here's a bit I was not aware of:

    [Bush] talked tough about pork-barrel spending, saying he'd issue an executive order for agencies to ignore more Congressional "earmarks." But he delayed the effect until November, rather than making it effective with the current fiscal year.

Finally, an interesting linguistic treatment of the speech is treated in a Slate piece. A computer program calculates which words in the speech were the most "influential." The results: "new," "year," "leader," "Congress," "agreement." The conclusion -- this was the year of Legacy Bush.


Annie said...

In case you missed it, here's the SOTU in 60 seconds! http://blip.tv/file/632072