Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kucinich Offers to Obama His Iowa Supporters -- Both of Them

Poor Dennis. Even when he's trying to be reality-based he comes off as egocentrically delusional. He has publicly declared that his supporters in Iowa should move over to Obama for second round voting (in the caucuses anyone who fails to get 15% in a round drops off the ballot). Problem is, Kucinich is currently polling less than one percent in Iowa. Given that Kucinich's endorsee will be saddled with the liability of being Kucinich's endorsee, it's probably not worth the downside.

Set aside questions about whether Dennis actually has this sort of control over his followers. The fact that he is playing kingmaker with half a fistful of votes is less stand-up guy and more Dennis again saying "Look at me." After all, Chris Dodd hasn't offered his supporters a second choice. But see, Dennis is special.