Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Possibly Penultimate Post about Kucinich

A post with this title has been in the works for some time now. It seemed time to climb off Dennis even before he announced that he is quitting his Presidential bid. Yes, making fun of Kucinich may keep the terrorists from winning, but face it, Openers pretty much has the franchise locked down.

OK a parting shot. In his embarrassing plea for money, Dennis notes that he has served in Congress "with honor and dignity." That from the guy who did this:

I still will keep an eye on the Tenth district race. Joe Cimperman Meets the Bloggers next week, so we can see if he has any ideas beyond clever ways of demonstrating that Dennis is not at home. But I'm done with Dennis's antics. If he wants to tell people that "corporate interests" are behind the primary challenge, so be it. Someone else will have to point out that corporate interests have little to fear from a rigid ideologue whose legislative portfolio consists solely of impossible dreams and protest votes.

I will, however, write one more post. At some point either Kucinich will debate his opponents or it will become clear that he will not. At that time I will either acknowledge being wrong or once again castigate his hypocrisy.


Village Green said...

What a great video clip -- thanks for posting. I totally disagree with your opinion of Dennis, and that clip only confirms why I admire him.