Thursday, January 03, 2008

House of Pho Roadie in Progress and a Few Other Updates

We were in Delaware for the past week and a half. Oh, by the way. My wonderful mother-in-law broke down and got wi-fi’d,1 so the blog stayed reasonably up to date. I still had family obligations and vulgar quantities of football to watch, so posting has been slow, but hopefully I’ve kept things interesting.

Now we are in New York City for Prof. W’s law school conference. We are, as usual, in a business hotel so internet access costs money, as opposed to the hotel’s downmarket “family” brand where it is free2. Happily we have more access than usual, but it’s less reliable. That, plus the fact that I will have the kids most of the time means posting will be spottier still.

Meanwhile, my early Christmas present was a new digital camera, so I’ll have non-blurry fotos to share. So far I’m good for this view out our hotel window. We went out last night to two of NYC’s monuments to twenty-first century consumerist excess, M&M World and the Toys R Us off Times Square.

In addition to a handful of posts over the holidays, I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up the sidebars. I’ve also fixed some computer issues that kept me from easily updating the account. I’ll post more about the blogrolls later. For now, suffice it to say that if you have a blog I’d be interested it and/or are interested in trading links, now would be a good time to bring it up.

BTW, the coming semester will be a challenge, blogwise. In addition to some long-overdue work to build on my early freelancing success, I’ve taken on a second class at the U. Now I will be teaching the civil rights section of the undergrad Con Law class, in addition to the comparative criminal law class already on the books. I’m thinking through how to accommodate the blog in all that, which may include tweaking the way things are done around here.

1This may seem fairly extraordinary when you learn that my mother-in-law just turned eighty. When you learn further that she is still teaching high school English and this after having raised twelve kids and securing an advanced degree, it should be clear that in fact my mother-in-law is extraordinary and the wi-fi is just business as usual.

2Thanks to reading Tim Harford’s The Undercover Economist I know that the Hilton family of hotels is engaged in a business-savvy practice of price discrimination, but that doesn’t make it less irritating.


Jill said...

Great developments, all, Pho. One interesting coincidence: my mother finally "broke down" and got wifi'd too - she was on dial-up with a 12 year old iMac (okay, eight year old) and got a new MacBook which can't use dialup. Phew. :) Now she has cable and wifi.

Happy new year indeed.

TBMD said...

Well, don't leave us in suspense - what kind of camera did you get?

RE: Mother in law. Raised 12 kids, still teaches English, has an advanced degree. If you had led off with that, and then mentioned that she built her own wi-fi hub out of a few old cans, some baling wire, and string she made from wool from sheep she raised and sheard by hand, I'd have believed it.

Sounds like a great time.