Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jacobs Field to Be Renamed Progressive Field

The Tribe announced fairly quietly last summer that Dick Jacobs' naming rights to the stadium had expired and that they were shopping it around. Cleveland dot com reports that Progressive Insurance inked the deal. The stadium will henceforth (for at least fifteen years anyway) be Progressive Field.

I'm OK with it. Given the grim reality that a big company was going to buy the rights, this is probably about the best we could hope for. It's a solid company, firmly rooted in the area. More importantly, the name shortens into a memorable nickname.

"The Prog."

Get used to it.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping for Peter B. Lewis Marijuana Field

Anonymous said...

Rich in Medina,

Do you realize that Peter B Lewis does not run Progressive and hasn't for many years? He had no part in this decision.